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What's New

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Our play experts are highlighting some of the best practices in the world of play. You can either participate via webinar or listen while you work to one of our live podcasts!  We are discussing some of the industry’s current issues and answering all of your questions.

LIVE PODCAST – Changes in CSA Playground Standards  April 29th at 3:00 pm PACIFIC Time 20 minutes

The sixth edition of CSA Z614, Children’s Playground Equipment and Surfacing, has just been published in March 2020. Greg Howden, Operations Manager, and Jeff Kuby Play Consultant, at RecTec Industries, will explain the new changes that have been made and how these changes will impact future playground designs. 

WEBINAR – Can We Build Healthier Communities with Sport Courts & Outdoor Fitness Parks?  May 1st at 3:00 pm PACIFIC Time 30 minutes 

Urbanization is affecting the health of Canadian children, youth and adults and has been linked to sedentary lifestyles, less physical activity and higher rates of obesity. How can we increase physical activity? By designing communities that make being active an easy choice.

LIVE PODCAST – School Playgrounds 101   May 6th at 3:00 pm PACIFIC Time 20 minutes

Our Play Consultant, Pat Zelenak is the GRANDDADDY of school playgrounds! In his 30 years in the industry, he has probably built over 500 school playgrounds. Listen as Pat talks about the do’s and don’t’s of building a playground. Pat will touch on inclusive, accessible and usable playgrounds, child development and the ever-important risky play.

WEBINAR – Nature Play Is More Important Than Ever! May 8th at 3:00 pm PACIFIC Time 30 minutes

With each passing day of the COVID crisis, it’s easy to see how many families lack access to nature. Nature plays such a huge role in both our physical and mental health, we must provide access for all. Join outdoor enthusiast Mitchell Taubensee as he explores new and creative strategies for connecting families to the natural world.

LIVE PODCAST – COVID-19: Preparing the Playground for When Children Are Allowed to Return May 13th at 3:00 pm PACIFIC Time 20 minutes

COVID-19 is changing the way we work and play. When the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Health Authorities of BC and Alberta, give the go ahead for children to return to playgrounds, you want to be ready. Following the guidelines set out, we will discuss strategies and best practices from around the globe for re-opening your playground.

WEBINAR – Tailor-made Playgrounds with Out-of-this-World Custom Play Structures May 15th at 3:00 pm PACIFIC Time 30 minutes

The KOMPAN Design Studio is a special unit based in Berlin. This unit employs highly experienced designers, architects, and engineers; some with more than 25 years of experience within the playground industry. Join us as we explore the many awe-inspiring playgrounds from around the world to get a glimpse at what is possible!

LIVE PODCAST – Keeping Kids in the Playground Longer with Shade & Seating

Do you know why most children don’t play at the park for longer than 20 minutes? It’s not because they are bored, but because their parents are bored!  If we want children to spend more time outside, then we need to provide comfortable seating for the parents, as well as, structures to protect them from the sun, rain and other elements.

Update to COVID-19 Message

Jill White President

Jill White, President of RecTec Industries/PlayWorks Inc./Waterplay Solutions

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold around the globe, my thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has lost a loved one to this relentless virus; to the frontline workers who are tirelessly working to save the lives of others; to those who are suffering financially; and to those that are struggling to cope with anxiety and fear of the uncertain. I am also profoundly sad for those that are losing out on milestone celebrations and rituals, such as high school graduations, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, sporting finales and the like. Everyone is suffering and grieving the loss of something meaningful to them. No one is immune to this and we aren’t sure when or how it will end. We are truly a global community, connected through this experience.
Despite all the negativity surrounding us, I am so proud of the people I get to work with every day and the way they have responded to this crisis. They are genuinely doing all that they can do, to better the situation. Our teams have mobilized quickly to transition the way in which we work, and everyone in our organizations have maintained the true spirit of teamwork and dedication to exceptional customer service. I am also proud of the people in our organizations and communities who are working together by working apart. Locally we are seeing pockets of progress and a path emerging for communities not already in the thick of this outbreak. I am grateful for our courageous leaders who have been steadfast about using data and science to drive their decisions; our Chief Medical Officers have been outstanding and our government officials have allowed them to do their jobs. Thankfully, this has enabled many of us in British Columbia and Alberta to still be fully operational. With modifications we have been able to continue to work in a safe environment fulfilling orders every day. Yes, these modifications may be less than efficient and may cause delays, but the gratitude I have for everyone involved in keeping our part of the economy running is immense! Other sectors have been decimated and I do trust that our governments are doing everything that they can to help those businesses so gravely impacted. Now is not the time for the businesses that are operating to be greedy. We must do our part to stay operational and to continue to employ people, while maintaining long term viability. Prosperity can come later, viable is all we need right now! People that have rent, mortgages, bills to pay, and children to feed need to be working. So, if you can, please, hire someone today.
I am also grateful to our customers who continue to call, our vendors who continue to work in a manner that allows them to be safely operating, and all our other partners for still moving business forward. We are here to assist in any way we can with any of the resources we have internally or have access to externally. It will be at least another month here in North America, but I look forward to the day when the parks, playgrounds and sprayparks re-open and are bustling with people. Until then, please continue to do your part by maintaining a physical distance, treating each other well, and staying safe.

Business ‘As Usual’​ – COVID-19 Update

Message from Jill White, President RecTec Industries

Our purpose is to create a global community connected through play and social experiences. Now, more than ever, we need to be united as a global community and to reconsider what our social experiences look like in the near term. The frenzied flow of information and the pace of change has created a level of anxiety similar to what we experienced during 9-11. This is a time when we need our leaders to come together, seek advice and take swift and courageous action. It is a time when we need everyone to think of the greater good and take our responsibility to each other seriously. I am proud that the employees at our group of companies, Waterplay Solutions Corp, Playworks, Inc. and RecTec Industries have come together with that social conscience at the forefront of our activities.

With the health and wellness of our teams of paramount importance, we have been proactive in our preparations and are fortunate that, with altered ways of working, we are still fully operational and ready to support you. Where possible we are working from home, connected to our industry partners via phone, email and video conferencing. Our production facility remains active with measures in place as recommended by the CDC to ensure the safety of our employees. We continue to receive orders and, with slightly longer than standard lead times, we are actively able keep business moving forward and fulfill all orders.

I would like to thank our partners, dealers, vendors and, most of all, our mutual customers who are still finding ways to keep commerce moving. As difficult as this situation is, we must continue to do business with each other and cannot be paralyzed by the unknown. Technology has evolved to a point that allows many of our businesses to remain operational. For those that cannot, I am gutted for you. I urge anyone in a position to help to consider those who might be affected, often small, local businesses, and think of ways to support them. Helping can be as simple as buying a gift certificate to use at a later date, shopping online, or making a donation, or ordering take out from restaurants that are offering this service.

On a personal note, I was given a shot of perspective yesterday morning as I learned of the passing of a friend’s daughter who, at 31, with a loving family, husband and beautiful young daughter, succumbed to her courageous fight with cancer. At a time when many of us are working from home, ‘stuck’ inside with our families, worried about the future and trying to ease our fear by stocking up on too many essentials, we may want to consider that what we need most is each other. So, to honour a young lady who would give anything to have one more day “stuck” in her home with her daughter and family, with or without toilet paper, please treat each other well, support one another, listen to the medical experts and help keep businesses in business.

I am confident that if we stay connected and take our social responsibilities seriously that we will get through this with a stronger global community. Please stay safe and healthy.

New KOMPAN Robinia Creatures

KOMPAN Playgrounds has been busy creating and building new wooden play structures. The quality, creativity and play value is incredible.

Check them out…

The Science Behind Water Play

Waterplay in partnership with researchers at Okanagan College have studied the science behind water play and have identified the STEM skills children acquire from playing with water.

Research lead Dr. Beverlie Dietze has summarized some compelling highlights in her blog post. You can read it here.