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What's New

The Future of Play: O Zone Showcases High-Tech Playground

Children scrambling over the innovative play structure in the Richmond Olympic Oval pavilion at the Richmond O Zone don’t know it’s the latest in technology to keep them active and healthy.

They only know it’s fun.

The new structure, called Icon, being demonstrated at the O Zone as part of the Oval pavilion’s focus on wellness, offers a unique, interactive experience for children, with games for single or multiple players using push buttons, coloured flashing lights and sounds.

Parent Joe Meylor approves of the interactive concept. “Not only is it great for the physical aspect,” he said, “but it also helps to develop their minds intellectually. It teaches kids to think.” Read More

The Best Playground Ever – Garden City Park

VancouverISAwesome.com, published August 11, 2008

Well at least GMAN, a contributor for the VancouverISAwesome blog, thinks so. Check out some awesome photos of this creative and well-designed playground. To see the playground for yourself, go to the Garden City and Granville in Richmond. Read More

Garden City Park goes Natural

Richmond News, published June 2008

A million dollar children’s playground set to open next week at Garden City Community Park in Richmond is believed to be the only one of its kind in North America.

Landscape architect, Jeff Cutler, principal of Space2place, consulted local children when designing the innovative park that turns the traditional concept of a playground on its ear. Read More