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Grant & Funding Help – NEW CHCI

At RecTec Industries we are your reliable and dependable partner when it comes to supplying playground equipment and site furnishings. Outdoor playgrounds are quickly becoming the most popular neighbourhood amenity chosen by growing communities and those looking to revitalize their green spaces. Outdoor spaces and playgrounds provide a fun, safe and developmentally engaging gathering space for families and social groups from all economic backgrounds.

RecTec Can Help!

If you have been tasked with planning a community project involving an outdoor playground, outdoor space design and splash water parks; we’ve got you covered, and we can help you access resources that can help fund some of the initiatives. PLUS! With access to our experienced grant writer, accessing these funds has never been easier!

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The Canada Healthy Communities Initiative (CHCI) is providing up to $31 million in existing federal funding to support communities as they deploy new ways to adapt spaces and services to respond to immediate and ongoing needs arising from COVID-19 over the next two years.

The initiative is supporting projects under three main themes:

  1. Creating safe and vibrant public spaces
  2. Improving mobility options
  3. Digital solutions

Funding for the Initiative is being repurposed from existing funding for a second Smart Cities Challenge Competition to support communities in dealing with the immediate and ongoing challenges posed by COVID-19.

Download the application guide.

Canada Healthy ...

2021 Webinars & CEUs


KOMPAN experts present a variety of webinar topics, opening eyes and minds to how to get the most out of investing in playgrounds and outdoor fitness areas.

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Kompan Webinars & CEUs


Earn your CEU credits with Waterplay in a relaxed and live-streamed learning environment with our knowledgeable team of aquatic play experts.

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Waterplay CEU

Outdoor Classrooms

Preparing for back to school looks different this year.  We know educators and parents are focused on how to keep students safe while offering quality learning environments. Using design principles of forest schools and open-air learning, we’ll work with you to create an environment where children will thrive.  Forest schools and open-air learning have existed for almost a century. They were intended to curb the spread of infectious diseases and keep kids healthy by offering fresh air, good ventilation and exposure to the outdoors. Our outdoor classroom solutions are perfect for schools, pre-schools, after-school programs, day camps, museums, art galleries and churches, as they provide safe and stimulating learning environments. Students can spend 1 hour, 1/2 a day or an entire day learning outdoors.  Forest school educators will tell you issues in the classroom literally disappear when students are learning outdoors. Children who find sitting in a classroom a challenging and sometimes anxious experience, tend to thrive in outdoor learning environments.  Research from around the globe has shown that spending time outdoors can ease some symptoms of depression, enhance memory and cognitive function, reduce stress and improve creative thinking and problem solving. All of that is conducive to enhanced learning.

How Students Benefit From Outdoor Learning

  1. Increase Self-Confidence – Learning outdoors offers new challenges, different from the indoor classroom experience. As students accomplish these new challenges, they build self-confidence and enhance relationships with teachers and classmates.
  2. Connect Students With Science & Nature – Children are more inclined to become stewards of the environment when they spend time enjoying nature. Being outdoors fosters STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning too.
  3. Strengthen the 5 Senses – Children have different learning styles, and being in nature supports those different styles. Hearing a songbird. Smelling a flower. Feeling the bark of a tree. Tasting snow. Activating all five senses can help children learn.
  4. Reduce Stress & Bullying – Nature has a calming effect on our bodies as it helps to lower stress and anxiety. Outdoor educators report students have more self-discipline and are less likely to behave inappropriately when they are learning outdoors.

Traditional School Classrooms

Take learning outside. Wooden seats, tables, whiteboards and chalkboards allow educators to replicate the indoor classroom experience outdoors.  Seating can be adjusted as required throughout the day and to account for physical distancing. Hand sanitizing stations can be positioned beside each classroom and shade sails help to protect against the elements.

Pinecone Classrooms

The Pinecone is an excellent solution for easy classroom management in an outdoor environment.  Educators are reassured students are safe while still physically distancing on Lily Pad seating. Whiteboards or chalkboards are some additional features available for Pinecone Classrooms.

Nature-Based Classrooms

For educators looking to bring a natural element to their classrooms, the UPC Parks seating and podium, Waterplay rocks, and grass shade structure, help to connect students with nature.  These elements are permanent installations due to their size and weight. A nature-based classroom can also include chalkboards, whiteboards and hand sanitizing stations.

We have many great designs to share with you. Contact us!

summer SNAP SHARE & WIN giveaway

Enter our win a bench or bike rack contest this summer.  Entries are accepted from Aug 1st, 2020 to Sept 7th, 2020.


  1.  SNAP a photo of where you NEED A BENCH or BIKE RACK in your community.
  2. SHARE your photo with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, identify the location, and tag it with #winabench.
  3. FOLLOW US to WIN.



One lucky winner will get a Miela Resysta Bench.  Resysta is a extremely durable material, resistant to sun, rain, frost and salt water. It consists of 60% rice husks, 22% common salt and 18% mineral oil and maintains the visual appearance of wood. The Diva Bench has wooden lamellas that form the seat and backrest. Simple but impressive both in outdoor and indoor public areas. Highly resistant to vandalism and adverse weather conditions. The Edgetyre Bike Rack is a simple bicycle stand for use in outside areas. The upper horizontal bar hides a durable rubber belt that protects the paint on parked bicycles. A must for any cycling community! 


New KOMPAN webinars

KOMPAN experts are presenting a new series of webinar topics, opening eyes and minds on how to get the most out of investing in playgrounds and outdoor fitness areas.  Registration is free and open now.