Celebrating 30 years in the recreation industry



It was an honour to be a part of the team that made the building of the Dragonfly Splash Park a reality for our community.   The choice to build a Splash Park met many of our local priorities around promoting physical activity, creating safe outdoor play environments for young children and promoting the community as a whole as family-centred.  The splash park has become a wonderful, fun place and its play value has exceeded my expectations from the first day it opened.


- Heather Adamson, Early Years Community Development
Yellowhead Community Services

I wanted to reach out and say a big Thank You! to your installation crew at Gabriola Town Homes last week. Not only did they install the MEC 680 as per contract , they went out of their way providing misc tools and most important suggestions and ideas on how to install the large swing that just wasn’t fitting together right. That just proves why Rectec is a continuing leader in the play equipment industry. Thank you RecTec.

- DC Carmichael, Project Manager
Blue Pine Enterprises

The Crest Hotel recently completed a landscaping project and worked with RecTec to provide for our outdoor seating requirements. RecTec quickly understood our needs and recommended the new Dumor benches in custom colours. The product is of high quality and will service us for years to come.

Prince Rupert Benches for viewing

- Scott Farwell, Scott Farwell, General Manager
Crest Hotel

Brad, I want to thank you for all you have done to bring this project to completion.  I couldn’t have done it without you.  Your enthusiasm and encouragement meant a great deal to me and to our club.  Our Club is so proud of the project.  We have never done anything of this magnitude before.  Just goes to show you that with Rotary anything is possible.

Thank you again for all you and your Rec Tec Industries colleagues have done for us here in Grand Forks.

Grand Forks Spray Park

- Lynn Burch, President
Grand Forks Rotary Club

Since the installation of our RecTec playground equipment, our 2-5 year old preschoolers have been enjoying every minute of it! It’s safe, fun and part of their physical activity every day. A parent just told me yesterday how happy she was to see the children using every part of it, as opposed to our older equipment, which was only used on one side. We love it!

- Andria Hamill
Sidney Co-op Preschool

The [KOMPAN] equipment you provided is awesome! I believe that Central Park now has the best playground in the city of Victoria. What was once a place to be avoided is now a place to be celebrated and embraced by the community.

- Gary Darrah, Manager of Park Development
City of Victoria

THANK YOU to you and the [RecTec] team for doing such an awesome job with the HME playground!!! The kids are loving it rain or shine and are having so much fun. The parents are so amazed at the structures and how great everything is and how there is something for everyone! Craig, [the principal] had to impose some policies re[garding] the net as it is too popular – A good problem to have! My son’s Grade 1 class got to play on the playground today (the classes are all taking turns through the week), and there are 23 of them in the class and the teacher told me that every single child was on the net for pretty much the entire time they were out there so it was easy for her to just watch them on the net.

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to work with you and I appreciate all the accommodations you made…So on behalf of the students, parents and community at HME I wanted to say THANK YOU!

- Shannon, Chair
Heritage Mountain Elementary PAC