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From community playgrounds to park essentials —each of our projects has something unique to offer. Here are some of our favourites!

Featured Projects

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Pier Park, New Westminister

Westminster Pier Park is home to one of the most custom and unique versions of the Giant that exists! This XL Giant went through 10 ROUNDS of design iterations before landing on the current colour scheme.

It was important to the team that this XL Giant had a modern take on the bright and fun aesthetic that can be found throughout Westminster Pier Park!

Rotary Park  – Immerse Yourself in Nature

Stomp, dance or hop in the rain Puddles to create a big splash. Grab the waving antennae of two curious Critters and take aim to spray nearby Waterplayers. Use your hands and feet to cover the water shooting up from bright green Frogs and make them erupt with bigger and bigger sprays. Be surprised by unpredictable spurts of water popping up all around you and examine a Lily Pad that is misting water straight up in the air! For this project, our team at RecTec Industries joined forces with our client to refurbish the existing Rotary Spray Park into a play space worthy of their growing community. In order to cover construction costs, the project saw generous community donations, government grants and a combined fundraising contribution of $200.000 from both the Rotary Club and the Sunrise Rotary Club of Fort St. John.

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