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"Our guests highlight some of the best practices in the world of play and public spaces."

A Place to Go – Podcast Series

A Place to Go is a podcast series that highlights stories about the best practices in public spaces and playgrounds all across Canada.

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The State of Play

with Suzanne Quinn – Kompan 

In these episodes of A Place To Go, Brennan and Kirk talk to Suzanne Quinn, manager of The Kompan Play Institute to talk about how she landed her position with Kompan, the spirit between play and development, how the pandemic has affected her research, and much more!

Winter Urbanization  

~ Liz Wreford from Public City

In this episode, we are digging deep into Winter Urbanism and the ability for us to stay connected in our communities during this pandemic.  Our guest,  Liz Wreford, is an award-winning Landscape Architect who not only invented the winter sport “crokicurl” but also designed the famous inclusive toboggan slide called “Manitoboggan”.  What is crokicurl you ask? Well, listen to find out! Listen Now! 

Community Build Playgrounds 

~ Pat Zelenack from Playworks.ca

When funding for your playground is limited or if you are looking for a way to get the whole community involved in the building of a new playground, Community Build Playgrounds are the perfect solution.  In this episode, Pat Zelenak from PlayWorks talks about the benefits of community build playgrounds and he gives us tips on how to have a successful completion. Listen Now! 

From Glow-in-the-Dark Stars to Public Spaces 

~ Markus Ehring, Product Designer

Markus Ehring, German designer, engineer and inventor of glow-in-the-dark stars, designs equipment for playgrounds and public spaces for communities around the globe. In this episode, we talk to him about his observations of the world around him and how they impact his designs. He also shares his thoughts on what to watch for in the future. Listen Now!

Tips for Writing your Best Grant Application 

~ Melinda Noyes, Grant Writer Extraordinaire 

When building a new playground, the budget often determines the park size and type of equipment. Communities will often apply for as many playground grants as possible, which makes the chance of winning a grant difficult. This episode speaks with Melinda Noyes, a grant writer who shares her tips on how to secure funding. Listen Now! 

Turning Landfills into Recreation Spaces 

~ Emeka Nnadi, Landscape Architect

Nadi Design in Winnipeg was hired by the City of Winnipeg to design a new recreation space on a decommissioned landfill. Listen to CIO Emeka Nnadi talk about the design process and how this beautiful prairie park evolved. Emeka’s experience in landfill reuse, repurposing and redesign around the world made Nadi Design the perfect choice for this project. Listen Now! 

Risky Play and its Benefits

~Dr. Beverlie Dietze & Bora Kim, Early Childhood Experts

Join us as we discuss the importance of bringing back “Risky Play” to build resilience in children. Well-known early childhood experts and authors, Dr. Beverlie Dietze from Okanagan College and Bora Kim, from Humber College in Toronto, discuss the definition of risky play and the many benefits that come from children pushing their limits. Listen Now! 

Changes in CSA Playground Standards 

~ Greg Howden & Jeff Kuby, Design Consultants

The sixth edition of CSA Z614, Children’s Playground Equipment and Surfacing, has just been published in March 2020. Greg Howden, Operations Manager, and Jeff Kuby Play Consultant, at RecTec Industries, will explain the new changes that have been made and how these changes will impact future playground designs. Listen Now!

QA Portion 

School Playgrounds 101 

~ Susan Crawford & Pat Zelenak, Design Consultants

Our Play Consultant, Pat Zelenak is the GRANDDADDY of school playgrounds! In his 30 years in the industry, he has probably built over 500 school playgrounds. Susan Crawford also has 30 years of experience building school playgrounds. Listen as Pat & Susan Crawford talk about the do’s and don’t’s of building a playground. Pat & Susan will touch on inclusive, accessible and usable playgrounds, child development and the ever-important risky play. Listen Now! 

Covid 19: Preparing the Playground 

~  Scott Einerson, EcoLab

COVID-19 is changing the way we work and play. When the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Health Authorities of BC and Alberta, give the go-ahead for children to return to playgrounds, you want to be ready. Following the guidelines set out, we will discuss strategies and best practices from around the globe for re-opening your playground. Listen Now! 

More Play with Shade & Seating 

~ Danielle Clarkson, Design Consultant

Do you know why most children don’t play at the park for longer than 20 minutes? It’s not because they are bored, but because their parents are bored!  If we want children to spend more time outside, then we need to provide comfortable seating for the parents, as well as, structures to protect them from the sun, rain and other elements. Listen Now!