Celebrating 30 years in the recreation industry



Why Choose Us?

"Reliable and dependable; RecTec Industries has been supplying playground equipment and site furnishings for over 30 years and have seen and adapted to the changes within the industry."

Childhood is a time of self-discovery and for exploration of new experiences and concepts. The adult responsibility of providing opportunity for such growth and development places a unique onus on all of us to ensure the safety of our children while they explore the world around them.

Our CPRA-Certified staff provides recommendations in the areas of:

  • Playground design
  • Playground play value
  • Early childhood play events
  • Installation and maintenance for all aspects of the playground equipment and site

These recommendations include advice about play structures & independent playground components, fall protection issues, site furnishings, spray parks, equipment layout for circulation and monitoring, CSA compliance and phased installations.


All kids need a chance to play, and all parents should be able to safely encourage and watch them. For that reason, our experts in playground design have learned through both experience and hard work just what makes a good playground. Customer service and satisfaction are key priorities in how we measure success.


We encourage everyone to get outside, be active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. RecTec strives on creating fun, unique outdoor play environments for children and families. Play is important to building a happy community.

Environmentally responsible

This world does not belong only to us, but to our children and grandchildren. We are committed to ensuring that the wonderful experiences we had in the great outdoors are available for those who come after us. All of our playground equipment, site furnishings and design suggestions are made with this in mind. We believe in environmental sustainability and recommend solutions for the long-term.


Partnering ourselves up with like-minded companies is just the beginning. Regular training sessions and discussions with our affiliates ensure that we are on the same page and supporting one another. We focus on building win-win partnerships with strong foundations.

Ideas oriented

Who wants a playground that is just like all the others? Certainly not us, and probably not you either. Few other businesses allow this degree of freedom in playground design and artistic expression, and we are continually thrilled to put that work forward to all of our clients.

Are you looking for a job that makes the world a better place?  RecTec is looking for a SALES PROFESSIONAL for the Interior and Northern BC regions.  See the description hereSend us your resume.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to ensure that all children are given the opportunity to explore, grow, play and learn.

We believe that children’s experiences on the playground greatly impact their physical, emotional and social development.

As a company, we feel it is our responsibility to help choose playground equipment that will make our kids stronger and smarter.

We believe in our commitment to early childhood education, awareness of special needs children and parents, and unique playground designs.

We believe in our ability to provide unique solutions for any design challenges, big or small.

  • 30 years selling playground equipment and servicing the BC market
  • Distributors of the most unique playground equipment, play spaces and site amenities for the recreation industry in British Columbia
  • Provide recommendations in areas of playground design, playground play value layout and flow patterns
  • Advice from CPRA Certified staff on playground installations, maintenance, inspection, fall protection, play equipment layout, CSA compliance and phased installations for all aspects of the playground
  • Represent the widest range of playground equipment and site furnishings manufacturers and options in the industry
  • Assist our clients from the start of a project to the finish, including post project maintenance advice
  • Winners of BC Society of Landscape Architects 2003 Corporate Award
  • Staff of 9 including an office in the Interior (Penticton, BC)