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“We love having an outdoor play structure that is both visually appealing and fun to play on! Our playground structure is a safe and inviting place for all of our preschoolers to play and learn together.”

Lisa Seidel

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Top 10 Playgrounds in and around Vancouver

Playgrounds are everywhere but which ones really stand out and have loads of kids playing on them everyday?  Have a look at our list of those that rise to the top for us and looking at the Google reviews, for others:

Ambleside Park – North Vancouver – A great place to walk and spend time with family. The view is awesome.

Creekside Park – Vancouver – This modern playground has everything kids could want – a zip line, swings, swirling “tea cups,” and an awesome sand and water play area.

Forsyth Park – Surrey – Such a nice park, fun equipment and lots of seats where you can wait for your children and have a clear view of where they are 🙂

Rocky Point Park – Port Moody -The new play space is beautiful. Great trails, fabulous views…Rocky point is a great family place to go!

Mountain View Park – Surrey – A small neighbourhood park that features a toddler ship and a whole host of other exciting moving parts and climbing structures.

Penzer Park – Langley – The City of Langley has knocked it out of the park with their Penzer Action Park. This park is geared to kids (of all ages) who have energy to burn.

Dufferin Park – Surrey – It is a wonderful playground surrounded by a community swarming with young families. There are always nice people with their kids playing. Kids of all ages play here up to ~10yrs.

Landing Leisure Spray Park – Chilliwack – The Landing Spray Park has 16 above ground features and 24 ground sprays. One of the highlights is the “Big Top Soaker” which fills up a big, translucent bucket with 170 litres of water, builds anticipation and then releases it!

Rochester Park – Coquitlam – Whoever is responsible for playground & park development in Coquitlam deserves a gold star. The playgrounds are so over-the-top creative and interactive that I’m pretty sure the planner is actually a kid. Or at the very least, a 12 year old trapped in the body of an adult.

Newton Athletic Park – Surrey – Nice playground and spray park for the children. My kids love to go here all the time. Good place to visit it.