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RecTec was the playground supplier for our new Intermediate playground. The playground design and apparatus selection was a collaborative effort involving a parent and Jeff from RecTec. Each day, our intermediate students rush to the playground. The design and equipment fosters social play, cooperation, team work and inclusion amongst all students. The curved, concrete benches are a popular addition to the playground design. Our school community is thrilled with our new playground. Thank you to our parents and RecTec!

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Nancy Paget

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Fundraising & Grants

KOMPAN’s PLAY Possible

KOMPAN’s PLAY Possible program can provide up to $50,000 toward your playground project!

KOMPAN puts you closer to your fundraising goal than you think. They will provide up to 15% of the cost of your KOMPAN Playground equipment purchase in in-kind product donations. This means you might only have to raise 85% of the cost of your playground!

Timeline:             Ongoing

Amount:              Up to $50,000

Apply by:            Speaking directly to a RecTec sales representative

Website:            http://www.kompan.us/resources/grants-and-resources/play-possible/

Tire Stewardship BC’s Grant

To bring products manufactured from recycled BC scrap tires “full circle” back to BC communities. The TSBC Community Grant Program provides financial support to communities who have decided to use and benefit from a wide range of recycled tire products in their projects. Applications will be reviewed, processed and grants awarded on a first come first served basis.

Timeline:             Jan 1- Dec 31 (depending on availability)

Amount:              Up to $30,000

Website:              http://www.tsbc.ca/grant.php

Aviva Community Fund

The Aviva Community Fund supports ideas that create positive change in the community. Through an online voting system, ideas most go through 4 rounds in order to qualify as finalist, guaranteeing them at least $5000 towards their project idea.  The grand prize winner could be granted up to $150,000.

Timeline:            Qualifying Round is Sept 30 2013-Oct 14 2013

Amount:              Up to $150,000

Website:             http://www.avivacommunityfund.org